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Philip R Howard


Philip's experience in the utility industry has allowed us to work closely with utility employees, utility customers, and trade allies. Since 1990, Philip has experience working with most of the major utility companies across the United States. This gives Philip the unique ability to approach a project from many different perspectives and provide multi-faceted solutions to client challenges. 
Philip has provided Project Development and Management services to Energy Services Companies (ESCO's) and Controls Companies across the United States and Canada.  Philip specializes in providing commercial and industrial facility assessments to ESCO's so that they can provide the best solutions to their customers.
Philip has extensive experience working with ESCO's with a wide variety of medium to large commercial and industrial customers providing solutions to meet their energy and cost reduction requirements and goals.  Philip's knowledge of industrial facilities and processes helps ESCO's provide a wider range of project opportunities. 
Philip is uniquely positioned to provide Carbon Management and Carbon Footprint services across the United States and Canada. Philip was an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Technical Assessor for the Greenhouse Gas (GHG VVB) Accreditation Program covering ISO14064-1, 14064-2, 14064-3, and 14065, Kyoto Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) and The Climate Registry (TCR).

Philip is also Accredited Carbon Management Consultants with the Carbon Trust in the UK and provide Carbon Management and Carbon Footrpinting Services. Carbon Reduction and Management, due to Kyoto Treaty requirements, has been a major focus for Companies across Europe. With ten plus years of providing Carbon Management Services in Europe,

Commercial and Industrial Customer Services
Philip has provided Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers with a wide range of services to manage energy costs and consumption. Philip was also an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Technical Assessor for the Superior Energy Performance (SEP) Accreditation Program covering ISO 50001, and 50021.
Philip can customize an energy management plan to help meet your goals for energy reduction, process optimization, and cost savings.  Philip can evaluate how you are currently using energy and develop either a comprehensive energy plan or specific energy management projects for reducing costs with economic analyses to meet your payback criteria.  

Philip Howard